55,700 students to appear HSLC, XI & HSSLC exams in 2020 – NBSE issues important instructions

(Nagaland Board of School Education Office at Kohima | File: NagalandExpress)

Kohima, January 22 (NE): Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, issues important notification for the students ahead of the scheduled State Board examinations for HSLC, XI, HSSLC.

Around 55,700 students will be appearing for the HSLC, class XI and HSSLC examinations, 2020 which is scheduled to begin from 13th and 14th February 2020, across the state, said the notification issued by NBSE Chairman, Asano Sekhose.

The NBSE Chairman conveys best wishes and encouraged all the students to make whole hearted efforts to excel in the board examinations. She also urged the parents not to create unnecessary pressure on their wards but to support them during this sensitive time.

Some of the important points for students who will appear the board exams are listed below:

– Students should understand that Board examinations are just like any other examination they have been taking during the course of their academic life. The only difference is they would now be competing with other students across the state.

– Instead of worrying about the factors that are outside their control, students should focus on their goal.

– On the day of examination, students should arrive well ahead of time at the exam centre, so that they get enough time to sit and gather their thoughts and remain stress free.

– It is important that students be aware of questioning pattern. They should refer the design of the question paper issued by the board.

– Instructions on the question paper should be read carefully before attempting to write the answers. Answers to the questions should be written keeping in mind the marks allocation. Students should plan the sequence of answering the questions during the reading time given to them while giving enough time for revision of the answers.

– Time management during examination preparation is important. Last minute studying should be avoided.

– It is important that all required study material covering the complete course content is available so that the last minute search for relevant material is avoided and the study can take place in an unhampered manner.

– Every student has his own attitude and phase of learning. Do not underestimate oneself by comparing with others.

-During examination time, Parental and teacher pressures are common, however, do not let this pressures overpower you. Stay calm and have a positive approach towards yourself and your studies.

– The significance of a healthy diet cannot be overstressed at the time of examination. Eating smaller and frequent healthy meals is advisable and one should treat water as one’s best friend during studies.

– It is really important to stay fit and healthy during the entire examination preparation time and more so before the examination.

– Work on the topic that you are weak in to improve yourself.

– Use of mobile or any other gadgets should be in moderation during the exam preparation.

– Students would have to write a lot during the actual board examination and that too at a uniform speed throughout the entire duration of the examination to complete the paper within stipulated time, therefore, it would be a great help if students start taking practice tests within the allocated time periods to assess how they fare in this domain.

– Students should be instructed to bring only the materials that are permitted in the examination hall such as pen, pencil, scale, eraser, sharpener, geometry instruments, colour pencil, etc.

– Students should refrain from any malpractices; said the notification from NBSE Chairman.