3rd Edition Of Chengu Festival Celebrated At Ghukhuyi Village

3rd Edition Of Chengu Festival Celebrated At Ghukhuyi Village

Kohima, January 20 (NEx): The third edition of Chengu festival organised by the Tizu valley biodiversity conservation and livelihood network (TVBVLN) supported by Japan fund for global environment of the environmental restoration and conservation agency was celebrated at Ghukhuyi village on January 18, 2021 with Advisor, Tourism and Art and Culture, H. Khehovi Yeputhomi as special guest and Agriculture Production Commissioner, Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS as guest of honour. The celebration was held under the theme ‘with special focus on traditional agriculture’.

Speaking on the occasion, Khehovi said that God’s greatest gift to human is nature and its resources and despite being a small state we have many beautiful landscapes and rich culture and traditions. He urged everyone to preserve one’s natural resources and do away with hunting and destruction of natural resources.

Khehovi encouraged the people to make good use of the various schemes and projects that the central government and state government has been giving to help the poor and needy in rural areas. He also requested the people, especially elders, to teach the young people various folk songs, folklores, folk dance and teach them to preserve one’s traditional dresses and ornaments properly so that they too can teach their children thereby preserving our rich culture and traditions. On the occasion, he also released one Chengu bird which was rescued from hunters.

APC, Y. Kikheto Sema IAS stressed on conserving our natural resources, protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity by prohibiting hunting, logging, mining etc. He also said that by conserving our natural resources, we can minimise the depletion of resources as well as preservation of resources that are mainly used for the future generation for prosperity.

He urged the villagers to practice self-cultivation and come forward to the agriculture department or forest department if they have any doubts regarding the use of pesticides or any artificial means of cultivation so that the soil is conserved and harvest is organic, rich and in abundance.

Sema added that with modernization and changing Naga society the traditional shifting cultivation or jhum cultivation is currently in transition and hence it becomes imperative to understand the role of shifting cultivation for sustainable development in present context.

Deputy Commissioner of Zunheboto, Peter Lichamo, NCS in his short speech appreciated the GBs, elders and all the citizens of the three villages i.e Kivikhu, Sukhai and Ghukhuyi for making the Chengu festival happen and also requested them to do better and be an example to other villagers so that they would join them in preserving the wild animals and natural resources.

The program was led by Tavin Chishi and Eli Yetho. Keynote address was delivered by Sataya Prakash Tripathi IFS, chairman NSBB and Kakishe Murru delivered the vote of thanks, which was followed by cultural items by various traditional teams from the three villages following strict standard operating procedure (SOP).

(News source: DIPR)