2020 is a year of 366 days: A report on the perspective of Nagaland people

Dimapur, January 4 (NE): As Nagaland entered a new year with thanksgiving for crossing 365 days on December 31, 2019. It is observed that 2020 has an extra day on February. The month of February has 29 days in 2020, out of the usual 28 days count. It is called a leap year.

As this current year will have 366 days – it can also be noted that the next leap year falls on 2024 again. Here are few interesting facts about a leap year:
Scotland under England nation has a tradition to offer the world – In a leap year, it allows especially girls to propose a man of her choice during this particular day. It is among few nations in the world that has such traditions in modern days too.

In Nagaland government offices alone, with around 1,25,299 government employees working seven hours extra this year will add almost nine lakhs working hours to the offices in 2020 without extra salaries – hoping to be more productive and fruitful. Educational institutions, production industries will also get the benefit of an extra day. At the end of the year it need to be seen, how much of this has been accounted for?