2020 delimitation process should be based on 2011 census: Kuzholuzo Nienu

2020 delimitation process should be based on 2011 census: Kuzholuzo Nienu

Kohima, June 18 (NE): Member of the Legislative Assembly of 19th assembly constituency, Phek, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, demanded the 2020 delimitation process to be based on the 2011 census, said a press statement issued on June 17, 2020.

According to Nienu, the process of delimitation has to be given a logical conclusion as the rest of the country had already completed the delimitation process in the year 2008 as per the recommendation of the Election Commission of India (ECI) in the year 2002.

“There will definitely be challenges and oppositions from many quarters but delaying the same is not going to solve the problem, sooner or later we must find a solution to this problem we are all entangled in”, he added.

According to Nienu, Nagas as honest Christians must ensure that justice will prevail this time around in order to bring about rationality, equality among all the sixty (60) assembly constituencies.

He stated that Wokha and Phek districts were the major losers when 1971 delimitation was effected, the discrepancies that had taken place at that point of time can never be forgotten though forgiven, wherein some tribes had enjoyed all the fruits of those tribes who suffered, justice needs to be done to those districts like Wokha, Phek, Peren, Longleng, and not forgetting Rengma areas if they fulfill the criteria laid by the Election Commission of India.

“As delimitation is inevitable, all we want or demand is equal and proportionate distribution of Legislative Assembly seats which should be taken up in all fairness without any biasness, favouritism, nepotism or tribalism,” and he also stated, “This I believe any sensible Naga brethren will not disagree with me.”-unquote.

However, he stated that since the Government of Nagaland has already rejected the 2001 census through a Cabinet decision as it found the data to be grossly manipulated recording 64.41% decadal population growth in the State, therefore having no other option 2011 census must be taken into account for the 2020 delimitation process, and added, “Let the welfare of the people be the final law.”

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