12 year old Naga boy becomes the youngest person to reach one of the highest altitudes of the world

Dimapur, February 3 (NE): A student from Livingstone Foundation International (LFI), Nagaland became the youngest person to reach one of the highest altitudes of the world during the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway 2020, which was held at Kala Patthar, Mt. Everest, Nepal on January Twenty Six coinciding with the 71st Indian Republic Day.

According to an official notification received here, 12 year old- Aaron Akivito Sema was the show-stopper at the event where he displayed his placard, which read “I, Aaron Akivito Sema, 12 years from Nagaland LFI can stand humbly tall at this highest altitude for the cause of Climate Change, why can’t you?! Let’s be the change!”, which was a global message from the world’s highest altitude fashion event for sustainability and climate change.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema and Master Aaron Akivito Sema were the only two individuals who represented the entire country of India and that too from Nagaland in the record making event. The team trekked from Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world, to Kala Patthar which took them nearly 15 days back and forth from Kala Patthar. The weather at Kala Patthar was very extreme with temperatures going down to -19°Celsius during the day and dropping down to as low as -25°Celsius at Night which added to the low oxygen level at the high altitude which made the event more challenging as it was an off-season trek which the team had undertaken. The event was parallelly covered by MTV International channel where the channel shot 8 episodes of their Extreme Reality Show, which will be telecasted in several countries. The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway was successfully completed thus creating a rare history by registering in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest Altitude Fashion Show in the world.

The main event of the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway was held at Kala Patthar below the world’s highest peak on 26th January 2020. Dr. Andrew Ahoto also undertook a personal initiative of reflecting some deeper insights and thoughts on the issues of global warming, climate change, deforestation, etc. by writing environmental slogans and one liners on white boards where the international models tendered their autographs and were put up for display and photography to create a unique expression on climate change through literature.

(Source: LFI, Nagaland)