Zeliangrong Org. in Delhi Submits Memorandum to Prime Minister, Home Minister, Governor & CM

Zeliangrong Organizations in Delhi Submits Memorandum to Prime Minister, Home Minister, Governor & CM
(ZSUD & ZWAD organised a candlelight vigil at New Delhi on March 30th, 2021)

Kohima, March 30 (NEx): The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Delhi (ZSUD) and Zeliangrong Welfare Association Delhi (ZWAD) today, jointly organized a Candlelight Vigil in Nagaland House, New Delhi to protest and condemn the horrendous incident that took place on March 22nd, 2021 at Lamhainamdi village, Peren District, Nagaland, and also submitted a memorandum to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Union Home Minister, Governor of Nagaland and Chief Minister of Nagaland for necessary action to ensure speedy justice on the matter.

The organisers informed that hundreds of people from different walks of life, fellow Naga tribes, human rights groups, media fraternity, and others participated in the Program. The main speakers of the Event were Mr. Jeremiah Pame, Assistant Prof. of DU and Mr. Mathiupuang Gonmei, Social Worker. Solidarity speeches were also delivered by prominent speakers on the occasion.

The press release from the organizations said the dreadful day of March 22nd, 2021 would be remembered as a Black Day in the history of the Zeliangrong people. They called it most unfortunate that the Zeliangrong people are facing threat of various kinds in the land that has been rightfully called their home-land since time immemorial. The recent massacre is not the first of its kind and the respect and hospitality shown by the Zeliangrongs to others have been time and again misconstrued as weakness, which will not be acceptable anymore, it said.

Narrating the incident, the joint statement said that on March 22nd, 2021, a group of fully armed men with sophisticated weapons attacked three unarmed farmers and mercilessly killed and even cut off the limbs of the deceased exhibiting utmost dishonor to the dead bodies. It is one of the most heinous crimes not only against the three deceased but against humanity. It was in all respect, murder in broad daylight. The contemptible act of violence on the innocent residents by armed intruders was pre-planned and completely negates the principle of the Naga National cause, it added.

The ZSUD & ZWAD firmly believes that any conflict, dispute and altercations down the line can be resolved amicably through mutual discussion without resorting to violence and said that such senseless killings should find no room in any civilized society.

It further stated that under the guise of Ceasefire and Peace Talks, some militant groups are taking advantage in terrorizing innocent civilians for vested interest, which should be stopped at all cost. The respective ‘Naga Political Groups’ should also seriously introspect and take corrective measures to stop this vested groups from bringing bad name to the Naga National Cause.

ZSUD & ZWAD appealed to the Government of India and the Government of Nagaland to bring justice by arresting the culprits and reward befitting punishment to the wrongdoers. The State Government should recommend the NIA to probe the case since it is a pure act of terrorism, it said.

The organizations sincerely hoped that all right-thinking citizens across the globe will rise up against such heinous crimes and fight unitedly to bring justice at the earliest.