What Naga peace talks can learn from recently concluded Bodo Accord?

(During the rally in Kokrajhar : Assam | Twitter)

Our Bureau,

Dimapur, February 7 (NE): Prime Minister of India who has achieved a milestone by coming to the Bodo Territory Region with crores of money for developmental purposes on February Seven will definitely win hearts in Northeast including India for various reasons now.

It was the Nagas who were supposed to be the first in Northeast India to let the peace talks end in a conclusive manner; but for various reasons, it is somewhere in the middle without much heads. Nagas history is also very old in this region. Many key leaders including others are keen to achieve the breakthrough; yet, it is not visible.

On February Seven, something good happened, atleast a program was held where all the key leaders from various factions & others were invited in a common platform at Kohima. What will come out of it is a matter of time. But, as Bodo has lead the way, will Nagas get such options after many decades being taken is a big thing to watch for.

It is said that, Nagas have fought the hardest fight in insurgency history. Its not easy, just to finish like other states. Nagas has got their own unique history to tell – now the other step required is a big one. After involving cadres from Myanmar; unification of every Naga tribes would be the call as envisioned by Government of India, is to be pondered.

Nagaland with it’s own unique history must tell and create a much better picture for the rest of the region to stand, wave as follow suit; the Bodo story with just giving up arms as well getting crores is only a ploy, either by it’s people or creating confusion to demand a new state in the fragile current eight states of this region.

It is however, a big achievement for the current Government in abling to take down arms, which gives a new life of those who were anti- India, having done a lot of damages in the past. Now the Government, on the other hand, will be sure of getting support once they also enter into politics.