Various organizations at Nagaland for early political solutions

(File Photo: During Naga Peace Rally)

Dimapur, November 30 (NE): Various organizations from Nagaland are demanding for an early political solution, which is honorable to all – as the dateline is near.

As per reports coming in, organizations representing their own tribes wants a solution that will be honorable and acceptable to all as they felt that the present Government in the Center are positive as compared to other years. They have felt very hopeful that the vexed Naga talks will come to an honorable solution once and for all with inclusion of concerned parties.

They felt that time has come to be united more so as a true solution be created to march ahead on development, which it felt is in standstill due to the roadblock. Putting much responsibilities upon the shoulder of key leaders like the honorable Prime Minister of India, including others to rethink for the best outcome, which in return, according to them, will be beneficial to the entire North East India – has once again asked it’s counter parts from here in Northeast to be supportive as a common call for ensuing brotherhood, who will live as neighbors even in coming times together.

The public organization, including others from Nagaland said that this time, let it be a clarion call when various Government policies are people centric with projects like Act East, among others can only be truly benefited when the vexed Naga problem gets a logical solution with everyone’s support. Thus, it will pave the way for a conducive growth in entire North East India, a statement said.

It is pertinent to note that almost every day, various tribal bodies including civil societies are giving out such statements to pressure the Government of India including other stakeholders in this party for a most honorable solution to the vexed Naga talks, which is many decades old now already.