Untimely rain hit Nagaland: daily activities on halt

Kohima, January 3 (NE): Daily activities in Nagaland has been put on halt due to the unexpected downpour of rain in many parts of the state. The weather forecast shows thunderstorm and rain to continue even in the following days till January 5, 2020.

Lately Nagaland has been witnessing a major climate change especially during this time of the year. Untimely rains, snow falls after decades in many parts of the states are seen within last few weeks.

Ahead of offices and institutions opening up after Christmas and New Year holidays, this time used to be one of the busiest but the rain plays a spoiler. Specially in villages, this time of the year is busiest, as it is the season to collect the rice harvest from the fields, collecting firewoods, marriages and many others.

All these unusual phenomena are part of climate change, it is time to introspect our actions on the environment and take up preventive measures for preserving nature. Let’s look towards the future with hope as the best is yet to come.