Students protest at Wangkhao Government College, Mon due to insufficient teachers

Dimapur, February 13 (NE): Students protested at Wangkhao Govt. College under Mon district, Nagaland today, February Thirteen due to insufficient teachers.

The Students of Wangkhao Government College Mon started a protest demanding more Teachers. “We have been requesting for teachers in the department where there is inadequate number of teachers but instead many teachers were transferred out and there is no replacement for them, said a notification by T. Pangnyei Konyak, General Secretary, WGCSU.

However, the concerned authority gave us number of verbal assurances but we are yet to get teachers. We will not believe in any verbal assurance of any type because we are fed up of fake assurance. We simply need teachers to teach us. We will continue protesting till we see appointed Teachers taking class in Wangkhao Govt. College”, said the protesting students.

(Students protesting at Wangkhao Government College, Mon on February 13, 2020)

Wangkhao Government College, in Mon district have 474 students in total and 17 teachers in total, out of which 7 are contract teachers. Political science department – 5 teachers, History department – 3 teachers, Economic department – 4 teachers, Education department – 1 teacher, Sociology department – 1 teacher, English department – 3 teachers.

The protest is being organized by Wangkhao Government College Students’ Union (WGCSU). Students were holding the placards which reads out – Do not play with our education, How can we write exam without even taking 1 unit, Don’t kill the passion for teaching and learning, Why is the government neglecting Wangkhao Government College, We are students – Give us teachers, etc.

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