Section 144 of CrPC Imposed In Disputed Areas Of Dimapur & Peren

Peren, March 23 (NEx): The Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate of Peren, Sentiwapang Aier and Commissioner of Police, Dimapur Rothihu Tetseo, under section 144 of CrPC 1973, imposed curfew in disputed areas along the border of Dimapur and Peren to maintain law & order, with effect from 09:00 hrs March 23rd, 2021 until further order.

The district magistrate of Peren in his order stated that in view of the prevailing situation concerning the incident at Lamhainamdi village (UR) on March 22nd, 2021 resulting in destruction of property and loss of life leading to tension in the nearby area, a curfew is imposed under Section 144 of criminal procedure code (CrPC) 1973, prohibiting assembly of more than 5 (five) persons and carrying of any lethal weapons and arms from Mhainamtsi (Kohima-Dimapur) junction towards Mhainamtsi police check gate to Heningkunglwa police check gate bordering Dimapur district, to ensure that there is no untoward incidents of law and order as well as further loss of life and property.

Further, the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, observing that there has been breach of law and order which has resulted in loss of human life and property on March 22, 2021 along Dimapur-Peren border area belt, also promulgated 144 CrPC prohibiting assembly of not more than 5 persons carrying lethal weapons and fire arms including lathis, dagger-machete, sticks, Spears, catapults or any other dangerous articles in the Highway stretch from Vihuto village – Khehoyi village – Kiyevi village area to restore peace and prevent further breach of law and order.

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