Rampant public gathering at Dimapur: DNSU raises concerns

(Naga bazaar, Old Market, Dimapur on March 30, 2020 | Photo: DNSU)

Kohima, March 30 (NE): The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) expressed its utmost displeasure towards the outburst and rampant public gatherings seen today, March 30, 2020 at Dimapur for buying essential commodities and others without maintaining social distance as per the directive of the Government.

In a press release issued by Media Cell DNSU today, March 30, 2020 said, the Union was utterly surprised to witness free flow of public without maintaining proper social distance of one metre and questioned who is responsible whether the public or the government?

DNSU also questions the Principal Secretary and Home Commissioner, Abhijit Sinha as to whether he has consulted the stakeholders or just giving orders and making it hard even for the government officials to practically implement since Dimapur is a big area with one of the highest population in Nagaland.

DNSU further lamented that through the initiative of Village/Colony councils and Youth organisations the volunteers sacrificed to be on the forefront at its initial stage of lockdown and strictly monitored the movement along with Administration, Police and medical department but right after the government banned organisations to implement lockdown we could see the result by today itself.

The Union is also very much concerned and it appreciates the declaration by the Government to make the entire COVID-19 testing and treatment free and various initiatives taken, but urged the government to have more practical remedies in dealing with this pandemic before it spreads far and wide.

Further, DNSU urged the government to continue spearheading not just in written but more in practicality and to have another round of meeting with stakeholders for a better outcome. It also appeals the DMC to sanitise the market areas at least once a day and request the general public to stay home and take this COVID-19 pandemic seriously, it added.