Racial discrimination: Man throws tiffin at Naga women in Pune

Racial discrimination: Man throws tiffin at Naga women in Pune
(Curry splattered on one Naga woman)

Kohima, May 19 (NE): Amid COVID-19 outbreak, another case of racial discrimination has taken place where a miscreant threw tiffin at Naga girls without any particular reason in Pune on May 17, 2020 while they were going back to their room.

A report received here said that the incident occurred in a Green Zone in Gokhalenagar, Pune on May 17, 2020.

This Pandemic has bought extreme difficulties and hardships to the people of Northeast due to their appearance, as they fight against two viruses – first against COVID-19 and the second ‘racial discrimination’ which is equally dangerous.

A Naga woman, one of the victims of racial discrimination, while speaking to NagalandExpress, described the incident that happened while they were returning to their room from Janwadi. They were 8 women from Nagaland and one guy from Nepal.

As narrated, ‘They were walking back to their room from Janwadi, which is nearby their place, and some locals shouted many things in local dialect which they didn’t understand.’

‘One man, who was having his food at the roadside threw his tiffin at the women which hit one of them in the eye and also splattered curry on the other,’ she added.

When they asked why they threw the tiffin at them, they were just told to go away from there.

The Naga women reported the incident to the local police on the same day and narrated the whole incident to them. Further, the police personnel said that they will call them next day for identification and further investigation, she said.

The next day when the girls reached the police station, officials gave them few contact numbers to call in case any situation arises and they were sent back.

The incident happened on May 17, and the culprit is still to be booked. Further details are awaited.