Peace rally on Naga Political Solution by NGBF: Demands disclosure of agreements & early signing

Kohima, March 09 (NE): The ‘Peace Rally on Naga Political Solution’ organized by Nagaland GB Federation was held simultaneously across 11 districts of Nagaland, today, March 09, 2020, also submitted the Memorandum to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi through the office of the Deputy Commissioner.

In Dimapur, the rally started from DC court junction and marched on till DC court, Dimapur. Hundreds of people from Nagaland GB Federation Dimapur, Naga Council Dimapur, Naga Women Hoho, Western Sumi Hoho, public leaders, students participated in the public rally march for an early signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement, also the demand to disclose the contents which is on record as on October 31, 2019 to the Naga people and the world.

During the introduction speech by T. Benggerlobo, President, Naga Council Dimapur, said, Naga people came with lots of struggling and self determination. It has been 23 years of negotiation but still no solution. Naga people does not want to linger anymore, we want immediate solution, he added.

Khehovi V. Chophy, President Dimapur District GB Association, reads out the Memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister of India, “Post October 31, 2019 there is no reason to account for the delay in concluding the ongoing phase of Naga Peace talk. We have been briefed by the negotiators that all the unresolved matter as on the date shall be left to be pursued through democratic political process under the new regime and beside for Naga areas. It will be a matter of brief discourse to streamline and finalize every resolve matter to conclude the agreement.

We trust that there will be no subjects or reversals on any matters already negotiated agreed upon. We urge your esteemed office whatever is on record as on October 31, 2019 be announced to the Naga people and the world. An early signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement will most certainly enhance your reputation as the undisputed leader of the world’s largest democracy. With acceptable and honourable political solutions in the offing, Nagas too are prepared to begin an enduring peaceful co-existence after seven decades of conflict.

We pray that this petition will be taken up with utmost priority and that we will be informed of the date of signing Indo-Naga Peace agreement from your excellency” – unquote.

President Naga Women Hoho, Dimapur, Smti. Sungsabeni Jamio declared that this will be the last peace rally for Naga political solution and the next will be rally of celebration.

Shri. Savi Liegise, Former President Naga Council Dimapur, Shri. T. Benggerlobo, President, Naga Council Dimapur, Dr. Kakheto Zhimomi, President Western Sumi Hoho, Dimapur, Shri. Z Lohe, Former NLA, and others spoke on the rally.

We need an early solution, GoI how long? Do not test out patience, GoI delay signing agreement at your own peril, Mr. Interlocutor it’s all said and done it’s time to walk the talk, GoI partner us or we will find one, History says Nagas can be most loyal friends or peerless tormentors, etc are some of the placards displayed.