Odd-even traffic rules in Kohima from June 22 onwards

Odd-even vehicular traffic rules in Kohima from June 22 onwards, for eight days till June 30, 2020.

Kohima, June 19 (NE): As a measure to combat COVID-19 pandemic and to minimize non-essential movement of vehicles within Kohima municipality, Kohima Police introduced odd-even traffic rules with effect from June 22, 2020 for eight days.

An order issued by Sr. Superintendent of Police, Kohima, Kevithutho Sophie, NPS today, June 19, 2020 said that the odd-even traffic rule is to be introduced in the interest of the safety and security of the public and to minimise non-essential movement of vehicles. The order will come into effect from June 22, 2020 till June 30, 2020, excluding Sunday, ie, June 28, 2020. This will apply to all areas within Kohima municipality, it added.

Odd-even traffic rule order only allows odd-numbered and even-numbered vehicles to ply on the roads on alternate days. Vehicles with registration numbers ending in odd numbers will be allowed to ply on odd days and even-numbered vehicles will be allowed to ply on even days.

Odd number Day:

On odd dated days, only vehicles with registration number ending in odd numbers (e.g 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9) will be allowed to ply.

Even number Day:

On even dated days, only vehicles with registration number ending in even numbers (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 & 0) will be allowed to ply.

This prohibition and restriction on movement of vehicles will however, not apply for emergency services vehicles belonging to Police, Administration, Para military, Medical, Fire services and SDRF, Press and two wheelers, trucks carrying emergency medical equipments/commodities, LPG cylinders, interstate trucks carrying essential commodities bound for the state of Manipur. Also, all vehicles restricted to ply by virtue of government notifications shall remain enforced (eg. Inter District zonal taxis, city buses, etc), stated the order.

Violation of this prohibition / restriction order will be liable to be penalized under section 177 and 179 of the MV Act 1988.

All citizens are requested to abide by the restriction order and cooperation with police on duty, it added.

Employees of government departments are requested to take the staff bus instead of private vehicle during this period to help minimize traffic congestion.

Further, it said that the order is under section 115 of the motor vehicle Act 1988 (as amended by Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019).

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