NSF urges govt to review the criteria for Rs 10,000 to stranded people

Naga Students Federation (NSF) urges state government to review the criteria for One Time Financial Assistance to stranded people
(NSF officials with Nagaland Chief Secretary | Photo: NSF)

Kohima, May 14 (NE): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) officials led by President, Ninoto Awomi called on the Nagaland Chief Secretary, Temjen Toy, IAS, and submitted a representation to the government to review the criteria for extending the ‘One Time Financial Assistance’ of Rs. 10,000 to citizens who are willing to delay their return to the state.

The Federation suggested for the same to be extended to everyone fulfilling the primary requirment of ‘Nagaland citizens presently staying outside who opt to stay back where they are at present’ irrespective of whether they have registered in the ‘returnee declaration Form’ and their current location.

The NSF appreciated the state cabinet decision to extend one time financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 each to stranded citizens of Nagaland presently staying outside who opt to stay back where they are at present.

The Chief Secretary pointed out that the government is currently screening the applications for financial assistance received thus far from those already registered to return to the state. He assured that a decision will soon be taken by the government on those not registered in the ‘Returnee Registration Form’ and areas excluded in the existing criteria, said a social media notification by NSF.

The Chief Secretary also assured that the matter will be seriously considered and that the state government is taking all possible steps inorder to ensure that no citizens of the state suffer due to the lack of basic amenities on account of the lockdown, it added.

On the issue of the state government’s delay in providing special trains to those stranded in various cities, the CS clarified that the government is working to requisition the trains from the Ministry of Railways and that special trains arranged by the govt of Nagaland from various major cities of the country will soon be officially notified.

For cities where the population from Nagaland is on the lesser side, the state government is working to tie-up with the government of the neighbouring states for train pooling as the railway is refusing to operate the service if the requisite capacity of the train is not filled, Toy clarified.