NPF sit-in protest against CAA | ‘Our children should not be strangers in their own land – NPF President, Shurhozelie

Our Bureau,

Dimapur, February 11 (NE): For the first time after the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) came into effect, Naga People’s Front (NPF) holds a State wide Sit-in protest against CAA in all the divisional headquarters in Nagaland, today, February 11, 2020.

Addressing the protest at Dimapur, NPF President, Shurhozelie Liezietsu said, The people of North East in general and the Nagas in particular, misunderstand the CAA of its true colour with long term perspective look. Those who supported and passed the bill in both the houses of Parliament recently, may like to put forth so many convincing points, like incorporation of ILP (BEFR 1873 in the Act), exemption of Nagaland state, introduction of ILP in Manipur, etc. It may sound good, but all these are for cover up of the real motive behind this Act.

We are fully aware this act was brought in purely on religious line, a single track minded action to promote the interest of one particular religion, based on the theory of ‘One Nation, One religion’, he added.

India is known as the largest democracy in the world. The greatness of India lies in ‘Unity in Diversity’. To destroy this unity in diversity is to destroy the greatness of India. It is most unfortunate that those people that are in power in Delhi today are destroying this very foundation of democracy and the greatness of India. We have seen that the Indians who stand for democracy and secularism are very much agitated today. In the same measure, Naga people are ashamed of what was done by some of the leaders in supporting this process of destroying democracy of the country.

Northeast is sparsely populated. The present population figure of Nagaland according to 2011 Census is 19,78,502 only and the density of population is 119 per sq. km. The population of Kolkata city is 146,17,882 i.e, the population of a single city is more than 7 times bigger than the population of Nagaland state. This figures are given only to demonstrate the actual comparative size of a population with no rancour towards any City, the NPF President Shurhozelie Liezietsu said.

However big the state maybe, the whole India is overpopulated and therefore, the government advocated family planning in order to stabilize population but on the other hand CAA will open the floodgates for a particular religious community to enter India to add to the present overpopulated figure.

But when big states like UP and Bihar do not have space to accommodate those people, Where will these people go? Close look at all this aspects will make us believe that Northeast will remain vulnerable; a real threat which we do not want our children to face.

CAA also indulge in ‘Politics of divide’. I want to challenge the Nagas who supported this act to come out and declare their stand openly. For NPF, we do not want to act from behind the screen and therefore, we take this stand that for the sake of our future generations, we will go against CAA however small we may be.

We do not want our children to become strangers in their own state. We want them to continue to be masters of their own God’s given land. We stand to support the secularism of the country, NPF President added.

NPF oppose CAA, CAA murdered secularism, CAA kills constitution, CAA threat to our future generations, etc, are some placards writing at the protest venue at Dimapur. A mass signature wall against CAA at the protest venue was also seen with people coming and adding their signature to express their support for the cause.