No divisions or ranking among us: Samuel Sumi

(Shri Samuel Sumi, PRO to the state BJP President, Nagaland | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Dimapur, February 3 (NE): Shri Samuel Sumi, PRO to the state BJP President, Nagaland- a person who has dedicated his life for his people, a leader of his time and continuing for a better, brighter future & bonded for unity as one, clarifies that there is no division or ranking among the political leaders.

In a discussion with NagalandExpress (NE), regarding a recent news item, he clarified that there are no division or ranking “among us”. He said that such differences must not be created by anyone as everybody is an able leader of its own, without which, be it coalition or single, any form of government will not work even for a day.

He highlighted that, current situation with present Government is only to set a new record of forming the five year term without any hindrances. He opined that there could be hiccups, but will go smoothly as every one is happy in the current junction. He is very optimistic that Nagaland will see a paradigm shift in many areas through NDPP – BJP coalition government along with support from others. Also, he felt good that current talks of final settlement would be coming true.

Meanwhile, the PRO said that grading the BJP State President BJP, Temjen Imna Along as the second most powerful politician in Nagaland is just a ploy to bring him down. Opinions expressed by some people doesn’t reflect the stand of the BJP party in anyway.

He is not the type of person to run after power or position. He is contended to be where he is, and what he is. His presence is to inspire and strengthen the party workers and take the party forward, he added.

BJP has many good senior leaders who are doing very well for the state and the party. So, this grading system is hilarious! Shri Sumi added.

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