Neingulo Krome, a human rights activist from Nagaland detained at Kolkata Airport

Dimapur, February 7 (NE): Neingulo Krome, Secretary General of Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), a popular Naga peace activist was detained without any clarification on February Five at Kolkata Airport, by the Airport Authorities. In this connection, various individuals and organizations condemned the act & wrote to Government of India as the current NSCN talks is in a very crucial stage, it stated on February Seven.

Their appeal letter reads as follows:

The statement by people’s organisations and concerned individuals from India to condemn the clampdown on Naga Civil Society Groups by Government of India. We the concerned people, mass organisations and peace, human rights groups condemn the silent but targeted attack by Government of India and its agencies on the Naga Civil Society leaders and the leaders of the NSCN.

Mr. Neingulo Krome, Secretary General of Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), was illegally and unlawfully de-boarded from a Kolkata-Bangkok flight on 5th February 2020, by the immigration authorities at Kolkata. He was told that he is not allowed to travel abroad as per the orders of the ‘Government’. There was no additional clarification offered to him nor any list shown with his name. We are certain that by not allowing the leader of one of India’s oldest human rights organisations to travel abroad, GoI has made yet another statement about their intolerance and arrogance. Additionally, we are concerned that it is also in many ways an open attack on the Naga people’s rights, amidst a 23 year old peace process and ceasefire.

Despite having signed the ‘framework agreement’ with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (I-M) in 2015, Government of India is yet to concretise or publicise the details of the document. The insult to dignity and denial of travel rights for the NPMHR leader is yet another sign of GoI’s disrespect and backtracking from the ceasefire and the framework agreement. We are worried that the Government of India, while battling without an escape route in the siege in Jammu & Kashmir, is opening another war front in the Northeast region.

The illegal and unlawful de-boarding of Mr. Krome is preceded by several cases that Government agencies have been slapping on Naga people. A few civil society leaders and NSCN cadres have been framed under UAPA and are languishing in jails. Mr. Krome was a key speaker at the NAPM biennial held at Puri, a couple of months back and at the Democratic Rights Convention in Delhi in September 2019. He is an important and committed human rights defender from the region and he leads one of the most respected HR organisations, world over. We condemn this act of the Government and demand that he be allowed to travel. We also demand that the Government respect the spirit and letter of the peace process and desist from the witch-hunt against Naga people and their leaders- stated the letter to the GoI.

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