NagalandExpress Special Report on state’s performances

Our Bureau:
Dimapur, December 21 (NE): 2019 perhaps will end in a positive note, if reports that are coming in is said to be true, atleast in tourism sector when the Government of Nagaland has been tirelessly organizing the festival of festivals – the Hornbill Festival with ten days straight which is no joke.
Moreover, even from this year, the Mini Hornbill Festival has only added much attraction not limiting to only a district or festival – but contributing to a much larger way of entire Nagas in Nagaland.

If one talks of expenditures, it will be huge spending; yet the Government this time, cannot be called as spendthrift or overspent as various tribes has been benefited largely in promoting one’s own culture in a much bigger way.

Government of Nagaland has learnt quite a lesson from the past and one can see results today with perhaps the only government in whole of India, who could be doing this much. Needless to say that if any one learns mistake and do the correction then the present Government would be said kudos for abling entire tribes from every districts to get the same benefits as well being able to host ten-days straight program attracting both domestic including foreign tourists from different parts of the world.

After all, this year it is more than two lakhs visitors witnessing the events. It is not an easy feat in any level. Lots of coordination required to reach this stage; more importantly, it is from various sources like social media that such positive information are currently shared open by the public, which means a lot atleast for the Government – when full of negativism is around. The time will tell about the whole fact; in matters to how much was spent on the ground – plus whether mentions may be made in national media or citations to be recieved for the work carried pertaining to Nagaland belonging to remote region as North East India.

What actual CAG report in this regard will have to be accounted, once the year 2020 comes. It is not easy in any way – be it the Government or others, if for a state like Nagaland is to be talked about. Particularly it is also said that nothing is very transparent if it is a small tribal state – may be time has come to prove it wrong by the present NDPP-BJP Government.

Moreover, there could be various new projects next year; that’s why, the Government if worked in a grassroot level, the citizens would not mind if any discrepancy may occur. After all, it is also been said that Nagaland intends to forget the past because the present is good. If these lines are remembered then the Government will go a long way like the earlier one – with regional mindset.

It will not wither but stand strong against all odds; With lots of cooperates coming in to the festival – lots of new and fresh ideas may be in the offing with full support from Government of India as well on Two Thousand Twenty. Government of Nagaland through Department of Tourism, will do the yeoman service for the state attracting further tourists in the state as well to benefit the educated unemployed youths in its true sense. In the world level, it is the tourism sector that vast employments are being created in various ways – be it establishing state ticketing counter including Tourist Kiosk under the full guidance of the said Department. The opportunities as said is very vast, not limiting to establishing NGO under its fold to create education on the masses for good tourism.