Nagaland public can get instant information about COVID-19 now

(Official Twitter account screenshot | Photo: Twitter)

Dimapur, March 09 (NE): Government of Nagaland (GoN) provides information through it’s official Twitter handle for any particular update on COVID-19. The GoN through Department of Health & Family Welfare has asked not to panic; but stay updated from now onwards through the official Twitter account name: HFWNagaland @HNagaland

In an exclusive to NagalandExpress, on March Eight the official said that “the staffs throughout Nagaland is working for public safety. Therefore, we should not be very worried, except to follow instructions given by the Government from time to time.” However, he remarked that particularly the netizens must stop to spread any fake information that may create panic to citizens. The official on anonymity said denizens may face penalty as per IT Act if caught spreading such information, and other unverified news.

Currently, on the same Covid19, there has been several press releases issued by the Government starting from Dimapur administration to others.
It is best, to stay updated through the Twitter account for further informations from now on as per Government guidelines.