Nagaland market limping back to normal today

Dimapur, December 18 (NE): Nagaland is back again with public being busy in the street as Christmas is just a week from now.

According to an information, after Assam Government declared that the ban is lifted from the state and fuels started to flow like before, today, December Seventeen, the market is alive buzzing with people all over.
Many districts were mostly out of fuel in the petrol stations with vehicles starting to depend upon black market, being sold upto minimum Rupees One Hundred per litre of petrol – with no guarantee of the quality.

Entire districts of Nagaland suffered due to a controversial Act created through the majority of MP in Parliament in India, which allows to become a citizen of India under the name of religion. Perhaps, India can be called as one unique country on this regard in modern world.

Through the democracy system, the citizens can learn every thing is possible by majority method.

It may be recalled that Nagaland is back to normal – due to current festive mood all around – until the New Year ends. However, it is very unseen what would happen next in Nagaland including North East India and India as a whole in coming days.

It is important to note that various public buses among others were all stranded in respective districts of Nagaland, just because of no fuel for the transportation. This way, public suffered to meet their loved ones inorder to celebrate the season with near & dear ones together. Besides, lots of meetings, including marriages and other programs are line up respectively till around next year beginning.