Nagaland: After much hue and cry, now one can see own COVID-19 test result

Nagaland: After much hue and cry, now one can see own COVID-19 test result, Nagaland Government to provide COVID-19 test results to the person even if the result is positive or negative

Kohima, June 15 (NE): Even if it is one’s right to see our own COVID-19 test results, Nagaland once again reminds the saying ‘only crying babies gets milk’ in the midst of pandemic COVID-19. After much hue and cry from the quarantinees, finally, the department of Health and Family Welfare steps in.

A directive issued by the Principal Director, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland, Dr Vizolie Z Suokhrie to all district CMO/MS stated that while it is important to maintain confidentiality for the people who are effected by COVID-19 so that they do not face discrimination, for the person concerned who had undergone testing, it is her/his right to know the outcome of the test result, be it positive or negative.

Further, Suokhrie directed to provide test results to the person in quarantine centre or in COVID-19 Hospital as and when the test result are available.

Finally, an end to ‘No reports to show, but you are tested positive for COVID-19’ row. Same issue have been reported from different quarantine centre in the state. A viral video was taking a round in social media- quarantinees were seen in a heated argument with medical officials to see their own test result.