Naga people will not accept any agreement that would further divide the Nagas: Naga Hoho

Kohima, February 27 (NE): Naga Hoho sets the record straight on ‘Pan Naga Hoho’, the need of bringing Naga people together under befitting political agreement and made it clear that the Naga people will not accept any agreement that would further divide the Nagas, said a press release issued by communication cell Naga Hoho on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

Press release reads out – The Naga Hoho is constrained to issue this statement in regards to the Indo-Naga political negotiations. The Naga political struggle/movement started with the commitment to live together as independent people like any other nations in the world. Naga people have been struggling to free ourselves from the forceful occupation of India for more than 70 years.

However, it is disheartening to know that many toll Naga leaders have fallen prey to the interest of India rather than in the interests of the Naga people. The Naga people have been longing to see a lasting peace in the land following more than 23 years of peace talks. Whereas, today some of the Naga leaders are putting the cart before the horse and continues to confuse the general populace.

Having realized the contemporary political realities, the negotiators have agreed to have a shared sovereignty between India and the Naga people as two separate entities, whereby the Framework Agreement was signed between the Government of India and the Naga people on August 3, 2015.

The contentious issue of Pan Naga Hoho (PNH) needs to be seriously perused. The Naga Hoho is of the opinion that, Pan Naga Hoho should be well defined organs for development of Naga areas and to work for Naga integration in future, but not merely a cultural body, which will directly benefit the Naga people in general irrespective of regions or areas and precursor to the aspiration of the Nagas for integration. It is astounding to see that some organizations and political parties have started to express doubts and apprehension and went upto the extent of rejecting it, without even realizing the content and structure of Pan Naga Hoho.

To make the records straight, the Naga people will not accept any agreement that would further divide the Nagas. Any solution confined to a particular state/area will be nothing but rather the beginning of another new chapter of chaos in the Naga society. The agreement must ensure that the Naga people are brought together under befitting political agreement that would ensure the dignity and identity as a people.

Nagas must embrace that the narrative of Naga historical and political rights includes Nagas everywhere. The very Nagaland was and is the common aspirations. Nagas at this crucial juncture must knowledge the necessity of safeguarding rich common Heritage for which our founding fathers and mothers stood for against the the repressive and oppressive forces. The rich common Heritage that Nagas vowed to defend with their tears and blood cannot be just reduced to piecemeal solutions that limit to particular region. Nagas had shoulder the responsibilities together as struggling people across the length and breadth of their land. Therefore, the platform which integrates the Nagas from all the regions will definitely strengthen the Nagas all the more rather than weakening or overpowering certain regions by others.

It is of the view that collective wisdom which evolves from the Pan Naga Hoho will serve the Nagas interests and aspirations in much broader ways and stronger terms. The collective expression made by Naga leaders and public of the past for United Nagaland is irrevocable, irreversible and indelible. Inclusive and robust structure in the form of Pan Naga Hoho will give Nagas immense strength to address various issues in the largest interest of all sections of Naga family. When Nagas seek to liberate itself from the oppressive and suppressive force, Nagas in their wisdom will never replete such repression and oppression by any leaders or leadership. Therefore, having such a Pan Naga platform will be definitely liberating, empowering, ensuring the freedom and development of all sections of Nagas. The fear created by self or by others through one sided prejudice speculations need to be broadened.

The young Nagas must not be swayed by emotions but by applying their minds, searching their souls need to embrace the rich Naga common Heritage that will take the Nagas towards freedom, progress and prosperity. It is high time young Naga from various regions must urgently forge to build strong and grand Naga alliance harnessing the opportunity that is at hand – unquote.