Missing Naga boy found after 11 days in Delhi; family & friends shares gratefulness

(Mughapu in blue and gray jacket, with police officials and students Union leaders)

Dimapur, January 5 (NE): Thanking the various people involved in the search of a young Naga lad, who went missing from Delhi since last December 2019 and has been found on January four after a mass search as a last resort.

In a notification, it said that, “through the social media platform, we thank God for finding Mughapu yesterday.”

“On behalf of family members and friends, we would like to convey our special thanks and appreciation to all those who have actively sacrificed their valuable time and energy to trace out our Naga brother Mr. Mughapu who was reported to be missing since December 24, 2019 from New Delhi”, it added.

“With no information of his whereabouts, on 1st January 2020 after requesting and approaching Student leaders based in Delhi about the case of the missing brother, they wasted no time and were actively involved and had wholeheartedly participated in searching various locations of the busy streets of Delhi.”

The notification further said, “especially we want to thank Miss Akina (General Secretary of Sumi Students Union, Delhi) and Mr Atoke – B – Aye (Asst.GS – SKKD ) for actively and smartly cordinating with various Students Union Leaders based at Delhi and with North East Helping Hands NGO along with SPUNER, Delhi Police Team to work jointly in finding out Mughapu who went missing for a week”, unquote.

Yesterday January Four, 2020 around seven p.m, a Team of Students Union leaders and Official volunteers from North East Helping Hands along with SPUNER Police Team drove to Apna Ghar Ashram, Pooth Khurd, Bawana Road, which is 40 kms away from Nagaland House and had brought back the boy who was found safe and sound treated well by the Asharm Staffs.

The notification also thanked the I/C of the Ashram and the Sub Inspector Shri Rinku Bhakar (P/S – Bawar, Delhi) for requesting the Ashram to give shelter to Mughapu who was found in Delhi Street in a helpless condition on January 3, 2020.

As per media reports, Mughapu from Nagaland was staying at Delhi with a relative and he went missing on December 24, 2019. Mughapu has been brought and kept at Nagaland House, Delhi and being treated well, till his family reached Delhi.