Inhumane, brutal, gruesome….! a viral video that shook the roots of humanity; Investigation underway

Kohima, May 26 (NEx): Most Inhumane, brutal, gruesome,….. are some of the comments for a viral video, circulating through various social media, which has shaken the roots of humanity. The video has been circulated, saying it’s related to the recent incident which happened in Rajasthan’s, Jodhpur, where a 25-year old Naga woman has died of suicide.

Additional Director General of Police, Delhi Police and Special Commissioner, also President of Helping Hands Society, Robin Hibu IPS informed that the viral video is not related to the 25-year old Naga woman, who died of suicide at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur on May 23, 2021.

The sister of the deceased and the Police have verified the viral video, and confirmed that the video is not of the Naga Woman, who died of suicide in Jodhpur, Robin Hibu IPS informed.

Robin Hibu IPS further stated that some miscreants have dubbed it as the same case of Jodhpur Naga girl suicide case. I have spoken personally to DCP Jodhpur and also informed Gujarat Police, Mizoram Police and Rajasthan Police, he added.

‘We are trying to identify the girl in the viral video, also the perpetrators for further action,’ Hibu added.

A complaint has been registered by ‘The Naga Mirror’ Facebook group admins demanding justice over a viral video of a girl being brutally tortured and raped by a group of people. Investigation is underway to identify the perpetrators for further action, Robin Hibu IPS informed.

According to a source, police are also looking for the person, who dubbed the viral video as the Jodhpur Naga girl suicide case. More details are awaited.

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