Home coming begins in Nagaland, as winter knocks

Kohima, November 29 (NE): Home coming begins in Nagaland – yes, Nagas have started coming back to their home to spend the best time of the year with their families and friends by taking off from their work place or educational institutions.

As years pass by, the number of Nagas who goes out for work or studies is increasing in big number, Dimapur Railway Station had already started witnessing more number of passengers coming back to Nagaland especially during this time of the year.

Flight fare from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and other cities to Dimapur is very high as demand is more during this time. Speaking to NagalandExpress from Bangalore, many said, flight fare is way beyond the budget, for some, one side flight fare during December is above their one month salary.

It is also important to note that, there is only one direct train from Chennai and Bangalore to Dimapur in a week. While number of people are increasing as years pass by. It’s getting very difficult to get a confirmed train reservation, NE hopes the concerned authorities will harken to the voice of Naga’s and arrange special trains especially during Christmas season.

It’s a season Naga people doesn’t want to be away from their families and friends. Knowing this, travel agencies are charging double now to get a confirmed train tickets; many Nagas knows that only option is Tatkal tickets, for that they have to wait till a day ahead of the journey, and if in case it’s not confirmed then it will be very late and at that point of time there will not be any other options left for them to reach their home.

Another option available is to get direct train or flight till Guwahati, and catch another train or bus to Dimapur. This is the option most of the Nagas are exploring, as one said, amount of trouble to get home does not matter compared to the fun and the joy in this season and for our hometown, we don’t want to miss it for the world, unquote.

As one shared from Chennai, we don’t want to be away from home because Christmas is like a Sunday here, but it’s totally different at our homeland.

This season by whatever name to understand, the NagalandExpress team wishes things from now should change for good – as number of students including the workers from Nagaland is only to be increased every year. Only the Government can do this by forwarding a suitable letter to business people particularly based at Nagaland and inform Government of India to increase number of direct trains especially during this season.