Health Minister Pangnyu Laid Foundation Stone for New District Hospital Longleng

(Health Minister Pangnyu laid the Foundation Stone for New District Hospital Longleng on March 10, 2021)

Kohima, March 10 (NEx): The Health and Family Welfare Minister, S Pangnyu Phom on Wednesday laid foundation stones for New District Hospital Longleng in the presence of Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao, Director, Health and Family Welfare Department.

Taking to twitter, Health Minister said, ‘Today, creating history and giving great joy to people of Longleng, I laid the foundation stones for new District Hospital Longleng.’

‘This day marks the inning of a new development to facilitate better health care to all the citizens with good infrastructure, equipments, medicines, adequate manpower in a suitable building’, Pangnyu added.

‘I encourage and wish to see every citizen become a valuable supporting tool to complete and make use of the Hospital at the right time for the welfare & benefit of our people. Let us all be responsible citizens to serve and do our best towards humanity’, Pangnyu tweeted.

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