Govt of India to create awareness through students inorder to contain Covid-19 including Nagaland

Dimapur, March 06 (NE): The Central Government in order to contain the COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus) has planned to create awareness amongst the general public through students all over India including Nagaland, said a notification on March Four.

As per a notification received by NagalandExpress, through the Secretary, Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India, New Delhi, which informed respective State Department of School Education including Nagaland, requesting all the Schools that they may direct to create awareness amongst it’s students, as it believed that youths are agents of change for their family, community and beyond.

The notification further reads: “In order to create awareness amongst students, preventive intervention such as frequent hand wash, respiratory etiquettes (using handkerchief over mouth while coughing/sneezing, use of tissue paper or using the sleeve of shirt covering upper arm, staying away from school when sick, avoiding public gatherings, etc).” – unquote.

The order has been directed to: Chief Secretary of Nagaland and Secretary, Department of School Education, Government of Nagaland.

It is pertinent to note that Government of Nagaland is also tirelessly on the job so as Covid-19 doesn’t reach here at Nagaland and the public can be safe from it. It is also to add that particularly netizens should not share any fake news and information until and unless it is genuine and from the right source, which would be the concern government department.