Dr. SC Jamir: Make peace with true Christian spirit to reinvent the new Nagaland

(Former Nagaland CM & Governor Dr. SC Jamir with Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio | File Photo)

Kohima, January 26 (NE): Dr. SC Jamir delivering a short speech during the “At Home” program, hosted by the Nagaland Governor on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at Raj Bhavan Kohima, gave a clarion call to the people of Nagaland in general and the leaders in particular to completely bury their hatchets with true Christian spirit and reinvent, redesign and revolutionize the new Nagaland to measure up to the sanctity of the declaration of our Churches “Nagaland for Christ”.

Dr SC Jamir also said it was the right forum and the right occasion as one of the pioneers of the State to unfold some of the truths about the achievements of the NPC that were suppressed till today.

The Sixteen Point Agreement of I960 was evolved after exhaustive and widespread deliberations by the representatives of the 16 tribes of Nagaland, which is a prominent milestone in the chequered political history of the Nagas. He further added that the solemn and unanimous resolution of the Naga Peoples Convention was to salvage the hopes and aspirations of the Naga people, he added.

After examining in depth the historical and political records of the Naga National Council, the Naga Peoples Convention included Article 371 (A) as one of the most important demands during the negotiation with the Prime Minister of India in I960. However, Jamir said that over the years the 16 Point Agreement had been scorned and maligned by vested interests and even including those who are enjoying the fruits of Statehood, said Dr. SC Jamir.

He called upon the younger generation especially young political leaders of the state to clearly understand how and why the Naga Peoples Convention emerged in the Naga political scenario, so that a true perspective can emerge on the ideas, ethos, activities and goals of the NPC.

Dr. SC Jamir said that the greatest need in the current political scenario in Nagaland is to recognize and conform to the contemporary realities, as we are in the threshold of a new dawn for a united, peaceful and progressive Nagaland.