Deputy CM Y Patton clarifies the cooked-up confusion looming in social media on Merapani Speech

(Rumors with misleading captions spreading around in Social media about Deputy CM Y Patton Merapani speech | Photo: Social Media)

Dimapur, February 1 (NE): Nagaland Deputy CM Y Patton and BJP Wokha District unit on Saturday, February 1, 2020 has come out strongly on the rumours spreading around in social media about his 51st LSU Conference at Merapani speech – “backdoor appointment and manipulation of the state exam from NPSC to other exam can be manipulated” – unquote.

Deputy CM said, my speech as the Guest of Honour during the recently held 51st LSU Conference at Marajü (Merapani) where I had spoken in my own dialect is being twisted and misrepresented by my political opponents to score political mileage, especially on the social media, which I pity.

Before shifting to 37 A/C, I was contesting from 40 Bhandari A/C for about 5 elections. So, many people from my tribe and my old supporters approach me for assistance. I was explaining that I am a Minister today not only for our tribe but for Nagas as a whole, he added.

No comment I made there had any relevance to NPSC. I only stressed NPSC couldn’t be manipulated in a different context, but my intention is being misrepresented. There cannot and shouldn’t be any question on the integrity and autonomy of NPSC members or the process followed, Deputy CM Y Patton said.

According to BJP, Wokha district, the Message delivered by Deputy CM, Shri Y. Patton, in the recent concluded LSU Conference held in Marajü has been twisted without cross examining the logic of the actual message.
Rumours have been spread with misleading captions. We want to make it clear that the “caption” is purely wrong and twisted. Such “dirty tricks” architect has no place in a civilized society, said the notification.

We would like to appeal to all social media users to be a responsible user.
It’s time we all start learning how to use these platforms in a healthier way, it further added.

BJP Wokha district also added the Highlight & recap of Dy. CM speech on the event to clear the air.

51st Lotha Students union General Conference, 27th – 28th January 2020
Venue: Marajü (Merapani) Village.

Deputy CM Y. Patton attended the 51st Lotha Students’ Union’s Conference at Marajü (Merapani) where he had unveiled the 51st LSU Conference monolith.

Speaking on the second day of the conference Deputy CM, urged the students and the public to give their full cooperation to the government for any development activities. He also said development slows down when public don’t give cooperation to the government. He therefore appealed to the people to come forward when the government approached them for land for any development activities.

He appealed to the students that, education should not mean just availing some degrees, but it should be for the larger utility of the people and should be practical to the society. Bringing development in the state is the collective responsibility of everyone. He also said, state government will open police outposts in some border areas.

He stated, all the stakeholders need to monitor and take cognizance of influx of illegal immigrants from the vulnerable Wokha foothill belt, after the implementation of ILP in Dimapur, and not keep waiting till the govt intervenes, added the notification from BJP Wokha district.