Coronavirus: Naga woman discriminated by residents in Mumbai, mistaken to be Chinese

Kohima, February 15 (NE): Another shocking incident of discrimination reported in Mumbai against a Naga woman on February 10, 2020. Coronavirus scare led to a fight in a Chembur housing society, where one of it’s residents shot and allegedly circulated a video of a woman from Nagaland, suspecting her to be Chinese.

The incident happened when the Naga woman, who was donning a black mask, had just arrived in the city from Nagaland, to visit a friend staying at an apartment in Chembur, Mumbai. While she was ringing the door bell, a resident of the same building started shooting a video of her while trying to engage her in a conversation.

Her host- friend, a student at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), who is staying at Chembur apartment later received a video footage which was shot by her neighbor, from her house owner questioning about her visitor.

When she confronted the neighbor, it led to a major argument. His wife even asked my friend to leave the building,” she said. “He claimed that he assumed my friend to be Chinese, and since she was wearing a mask, he thought she was infected with the coronavirus,” the TISS student said, adding that after she tried to tell him that it amounted to “racial discrimination” the fight escalated.

Her friend eventually went away to stay with another acquaintance. The TISS student intends to lodge a complaint with the institute’s North East Students’ Forum.