Breaking News: Nagaland govt to reopen One-time Assistance of Rs. 10,000

Breaking News: Nagaland govt to reopen registration for One-time Assistance of Rs. 10,000 for all the stranded citizens of Nagaland who opt to stay back

Kohima, May 21 (NE): Nagaland Government to reopen the registration for One-time Financial Assistance of Rs 10,000 to stranded citizens of Nagaland, who had not registered before.

Earlier, the government opened the application form of one-time financial assistance of Rs 10,000, from May 13 to May 16, 2020, only to stranded citizens who submitted returnees form but opt to stay back at their respective places.

Now, the government decided to open for all those who opt to stay back at their present places to register for the One Time financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 regardless of whether they had registered in the returnee form or not, except for the people who already got the financial assistance of 10,000.

Minister for Planning & coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs, Neiba Kronu said that ‘the State Government has decided to again provide an opportunity to the citizens of Nagaland stranded outside and desiring to return, to voluntarily opt for staying back at their present place of residence by registering on the portal if not done earlier.’

Such persons who opt to voluntarily stay back will be provided One Time Assistance of Rs. 10,000 /- (Rupees Ten Thousand only). Further details regarding this will be shortly made available in the website- said Kronu.

Nagaland Government had received 18,255 returnees form application from stranded citizens of Nagaland from different parts of the country, out of which a total of 4095 stranded citizens have applied for the one-time assistance of Rs 10,000.