BJP Nagaland starts ‘missed call’ campaign to register support for CAA

(BJP Nagaland President, Temjen Imna Along | Photo: BJP President – Twitter)

Kohima, January 4 (NE): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national leaders on Thursday, January 2, 2020 launched a toll-free number (88662-88662) to mobilise support for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. The toll-free number will allow the people to give missed calls to register their support in favor of Pro-CAA campaign.

BJP Nagaland also joined the Pro-CAA campaign and took to social media to get more supports from Nagaland state as well. BJP state president, Temjen Imna Along tweeted, ‘CAA – Nothing more than an opportunity for religiously persecuted minorities from 3 theocratic states to become full citizens of India. Show your support for inclusiveness. Stand up for their rights.’ Give a missed call on 88662-88662, BJP state president tweeted on Saturday, January 4.

BJP Nagaland tweets; ‘To extend your support for the historic Citizenship Amendment Act-2019 brought in by PM Narendra Modi’s government, to ensure justice to the religiously persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, kindly give a missed call on 88662-88662.’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘India supports CAA’ campaign on Twitter and NaMo App earlier. CAA, which triggered a nationwide controversy has put the BJP on a backfoot. The move is believed to be a step by the BJP to counter the anti-CAA narrative of opposition.

The amended citizenship law seeks to grant citizenship to minorities from three neighbouring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) who arrived in India by December 31, 2014, due to religious persecution.