Axone – A Recipe for Disaster, on Netflix from June 12

Axone - A Recipe for Disaster, directed by Nicholas Kharkongor is set to stream on Netflix from June 12, 2020

Kohima, June 03 (NE): The most awaited film, ‘Axone – A Recipe for Disaster’, directed by Nicholas Kharkongor is set to stream on Netflix from June 12, 2020.

Nicholas Kharkongor fittingly named the movie on the Naga delicacy – Axone. The story revolves around the ingredient- Axone, which spans a day in the life of a group of Northeast friends cooking a dish with Axone, that causes a subsequent run-in with their landlord.

Chanbi and Upasna want to prepare a special North Eastern Dish, Axone Pork, for their best friend Minam’s wedding. The ingredients are bought, the stove is alight, the gang has gathered; there is just one glitch! They all live in New Delhi now and not Northeast India. And for people here, the dish emits a strong aroma, which seems to eliminate not from a culinary kitchen but more like from a…lavatory!

The gang fears the pungent odour of the dish will invite their neighbours’ and landlord’s wrath! Comedic chaos ensues and unexpected obstacles arise as they struggle to find a safe place where they can prepare the dish in peace.

The film explores the travails of this young group of buddies, as they grapple with outright racism and the upheavals of their interpersonal relationships, throughout the course of an eventful day!

While in Nagaland, the distinctive aroma of Axone is welcome, in Delhi – Axone can potentially be, as one can see in the plotline of Nicholas Kharkongor’s film, a recipe for disaster.