An attempt to jeopardize NDPP – BJP coalition government in Nagaland?

Dimapur, February 8 (NE): Is this the beginning of a new chapter in Nagaland politics, where the leaders now have to keep an eye on social media also to live in peace and harmony with others. This can be described as the power of new digital media, even the voice of an individual can be heard loud and clear, sometimes trouble if it is done with a wrong intention.

PRO to Nagaland BJP President, Shri Samuel Sumi, has filed a complaint with the Nagaland Police Cyber Crime Branch on February Six, regarding one tweeter account @Tuhinshuvra BJP – which is not related to BJP Nagaland is said to be trying to disintegrate the integrity within its alliance partner, NDPP.

Disclosing exclusively to NagalandExpress, the PRO rubbishes the statement of concern tweets and said that once the cyber crime branch comes out with their official finding, appropriate and necessary action will be followed. Nagaland is becoming a ground like any other states in India even in cyber related issues where the people are using fake social media accounts for manipulation as seen in the present case.

As per a source, it is not possible for current political party to take any chances as the Government is smoothly functioning. It is said that no one is to be benefited too, with such propaganda either. As per that source, the finger is pointing to the opposition as rivals or to create untimely opportunities out of it.

(Fake BJP Twitter account which is under scanner | Photo: Twitter)
(Tweets from the Fake BJP account | Photo: Twitter)

NagalandExpress social media team did a fact-check on this Twitter account and found some interesting facts. The controversial tweets has already been deleted by the user. Tuhinshuvra BJP (Twitter Username: @tuhinshuvra6) Twitter account was created on January 2020, so far 163 tweets has been posted from this account, all of them are Pro-BJP posts. All the tweets have been posted from ‘Twitter Web’ not through mobile phone (not through Android or iPhone). Though it is only a month old twitter account, it has already got 562 followers and none of them are from Nagaland, most of the followers also seems to be fake accounts. This account is without any individual profile photo or cover photo but rather it had used BJP flag as profile photo.

The case, if unearthed, will be a unique case itself for a fact that it is being operated far away from Nagaland – somewhere in New Delhi. Such cases, however are not found as an isolated one; but with enough evidence, the Government through Cyber Branch can tackle the case very easily.

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