Job opportunities in Tetso College, Dimapur

Job opportunities in Tetso College, Dimapur

Dimapur, September 09 (NEx): TETSO College, Dimapur has following job vacancy for suitable candidates:

1. Assistant Professors for the following:

Political Science
Computer Science

Eligibility: NET Mandatory, PhD Preferred

2. Assistant Teacher for the following:


Eligibility: BEd & PG Degree

3. Online Learning Tutors (Part time options available. Freshers may also apply)

Looking for current students and experienced teachers who can tutor school students from class 6-12 in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English. Excellent writing & communication skills. Laptop & Broadband connection at home is mandatory.

4. Head Accountant

Eligibility: 3-5 years Experience, Tally & GST filing

5. Housekeeping Manager

Eligibility: 3-5 Years Experience in Hospitality or supervising maintenance of buildings, disposal of waste, garden etc.

6. Transport Supervisor

Eligibility: 3-5 years experience. Required for route planning, Bus maintenance and manage bus and handymen shifts.

7. System Administrator/Programmer

Eligibility: 3-5 years experience. Manage the college LMS, Sound knowledge in G Suite, IT infrastructure etc.

8. HR Manager

Eligibility: 3 – 5 years experience. Facilitate hiring, on-boarding training, manage the college HR software, staff evaluation, student placements etc

9. Security Supervisor

Eligibility: 3- 5 years experience. Manage Security personal, shift timings, provide security training etc

10. Public Relations Officer/Social Media Content Manager

Eligibility: Should have excellent communication & writing skills and knowledge of design applications for social media.

11. Marketing Executive (Finance related & must have a bike)

Eligibility: Multiple positions available. Fixed salary along with incentives. 2-5 years experience in sales, should be able to explain the concept of insurance, mutual funds and service client or inhouse staff requests.

12. Retail store manager

Eligibility: 3- 5 years experience in a similar field

13. Chef/Cook for Mess/Canteen

Eligibility: Multiple positions available -Vegetarian specialist, Naga food, Chinese.

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